Tuesday, 18th December 2018
Sunset times

As a Church, Seventh Day Adventists believe in keeping the Sabbath (Saturday) as a day of rest. This is when we have our regular weekly service, as opposed to Sunday. The calendar below will display sunset times for Leamington as well as your own postcode within the UK.

Please select the month and year, then click "Leamington" to see the sunset times for Leamington Spa.

Times given are precise to within 1 minute longitude/latitude of the church building.

Alternatively, you may view the sunset times for your own postcode. Please select the month and year and type in your postcode, then click "Go".

If you are having problems (Windows XP users using Internet Explorer)

If when you click on the button to view the times nothing seems to appear, check the top of your browser screen. If you see a bar running across the screen similar to that shown in fig 1 follow the instructions below.

fig 1

Step 1: Click on the bar that runs across the page (as shown in fig 1) and a menu should appear as in fig 2.

fig 2

Step 2: Select 'Temporarily Allow Pop-ups'.

Step 3: A small window will appear as in fig 3, select 'Retry' and the page will reload and a pop-up window will appear in which the sunset time calendar will load.

fig 3

The bar across the top of the page should now have changed to allow pop-ups (see fig 4)

fig 4

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